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Richmond Hill’s 2022 Municipal By-Election

Richmond Hill is holding a By-election on Monday, January 24, 2022 to elect a new Mayor. Do you have questions about it or want to know more? We’ve outlined what you need to know before voting begins. Access the Richmond Hill Votes website for the most up-to-date information.

Who can vote?

You can vote if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old on or before Voting Day (Jan. 24, 2022);
  • a resident of the City of Richmond Hill, an owner or tenant of land in the City of Richmond Hill, or the spouse of an owner or tenant of the land in Richmond Hill; 
  • and not prohibited from voting under any law.

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Am I on the Voters' list?

Making sure you are on the Voters' List with complete and accurate information is the best way to ensure you are able to vote as smoothly as possible.

Visit the City of Richmond Hill's Am I on the Voters' List webpage to check if you are on the Voters' List, update your information, or add your name to the list.

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What is a By-election?

A By-election is an election that happens during the Council term. It may occur because:

This By-election is solely to elect a new Mayor. The successful candidate will serve as Mayor until November 14, 2022.

Why is Richmond Hill having a By-election?

Former Mayor Dave Barrow announced in September 2021 that he was stepping down from his role as Mayor before the end of his term. Municipal elections are held every four years. Since the next general municipal elections will not be held until October 24, 2022, City Council had two options:

  1. appoint a new mayor, or
  2. hold a By-election so that voters could vote for a new mayor.

City Council voted to proceed with a By-election.

What does the Mayor do?

The Mayor is the head of Council. It is his or her role to:

  • Act as chief executive officer of the municipality
  • Preside over Council meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently and effectively
  • Provide leadership to Council
  • Provide information and recommendations to Council with respect to the role of Council in ensuring that its decisions are implemented through administrative and/or controllership policies, practices and procedures
  • Provide information and recommendations to Council with respect to ensuring the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality, including the activities of the senior management of the municipality
  • Represent the municipality at official functions
  • Carry out any other duties of the Mayor under the Municipal Act or any other Act.
Why should I vote?

In the 2018 municipal elections, voter turnout in Richmond Hill was 27.63% of all eligible voters, while turnout was 38.29% Ontario-wide.

The By-election is your opportunity to impact who leads your local government. The best way to participate in shaping your local government is by casting your ballot.

According to The Importance of Voting in Municipal Elections from The Canadian Index of Wellbeing, voting in elections can improve your general wellbeing and is not only a right, but a responsibility of Canadian citizens.

How do I vote?

The By-election's official Voting Day is Monday, January 24, 2022, however, voting can occur online (January 18-24) or in person at a Vote Centre (January 22-24). A Voter Information Package (VIP) will be sent out in January. There are opportunities to vote in advance, in person or online. Complete information on how, where and when to vote is available on the City of Richmond Hill’s website.

How will COVID-19 affect the By-election?

You will be able to vote in person or online. Your vaccination status will not impact your ability to vote, even at locations where proof of vaccination is usually required for entry. If attending a Vote Centre to cast your vote, please follow all posted instructions. Masks or face coverings are required, except in cases of the limited exemptions.

Mayoral Candidates Directory (A-Z)

Godwin Chan


Joe DiPaola


Susan Korman


Carmine Perrelli


Ruida Tian


Rona Wang


David West


Juni Yeung


Michael Zambakkides


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