Curbside Pickup

Our branches are open for a variety of in-person services, including holds pickup. Curbside pickup remains available at all branches, contact your nearest branch for hours and details. 

Perfect Picks (formerly Grab N' Go)

Craving recipe books, or a handful of childrens' titles? Want to read more on penguins or have an at-home horror movie marathon? If you're not sure what you'd like to read or watch, our Perfect Picks service is for you! Simply fill out this form, and we'll pick out a set of books or DVDs just for you!

Here's how curbside pickup works: 

Place your hold. Place a hold on an item in our catalogue.

Check your inbox.* We’ll call or email when your hold is available for pickup. Follow the instructions in your email to schedule a pickup time. 

Use our online booking system or call your library location to schedule your pre-booked curbside pickup appointment. 

Arrive at the library during your 10-minute pickup time slot and look for curbside pickup signs. Call the number on the posted signs. You will be asked to provide your RHPL card number as well as your first and last name, make and colour of your vehicle. 

Open the trunk of your car and remain in your vehicle. Library staff will place the item(s) in your trunk. Please review your items and close your trunk once the library staff person has returned to the building.  

Remember: While Richmond Hill Public Library no longer collects fines for overdue items, you're still responsible for returning your items on time. You may return items to a drop box at any of our four locations during this time. External drop boxes are open 24/7. 

* Certain customers have selected phone messages as the preferred way to be notified of an available hold. In this case, staff will call you to notify you about your available hold and you will be able to schedule your pickup time over the phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours for curbside pickup?

Once you receive your confirmation email from the Library, you can call your holds pickup location or use our online booking system to schedule your holds pickup. We'll schedule a 10-minute window where you can pick up your requested items. If you do not pick up your item(s) during this time, they will be returned to our shelves and made available to other customers.

How do I schedule my curbside pickup appointment?

You can schedule your curbside pickup appointment after you've received an email letting you know that your hold is available for pickup. We'll send you an email once your hold is ready, which will explain how you can schedule your holds pickup online or over the phone. 

Can I pick up multiple items per time slot? 

If you've received a notice from us indicating that more than one item is available for pickup, you can pick up these items all at once. This includes items that become available for pickup in between the time you've scheduled your pickup and the time in which you're picking up your item. You do not need to book additional pickup times. 

Is curbside pickup available at all RHPL locations?

Curbside pickup is available at all RHPL locations. 

How long will it take for me to get my item?

Wait times vary depending on the popularity of the item you’ve requested. Item availability depends on the number of holds placed ahead of you. We'll do our best to get you your hold(s) as quickly as possible. 

Will I receive fines?

The RHPL Board made the decision on May 26 to waive all fines for the 2020 year. You’ll still have to pay any fines that were accrued before our closure. We hope that this will allow you to continue to enjoy our collection items during these unprecedented times. We ask that you continue to return items to drop boxes at any of our locations, which are available 24/7.

Can I request a new item or an item you don’t have?

We continuously welcome our customers to request new items for our collection. Provide your suggestions through our online form.

What information do I need to provide when I pick up my order?

You’ll need your RHPL card number, first and last name, make and colour of your vehicle.

Do I have to have a car to use this service

You do not have to have a car to use this service. Please look for curbside pickup signs and call us when you arrive at the library. 

Do I have to return my items?

While you won't receive fines for your items, you are encouraged to return your items on time. Items can be returned to drop boxes 24/7 at any RHPL location.