STEAM Kits are a fun, hands-on way for school-aged children to learn new things and expand their skills. Use your RHPL membership to check out a STEAM Kit from Central Branch and discover topics like robotics, coding, optics, gravity, and more!

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Available STEAM Kits

Catch and Count Fishing Game Ages 3-5
Introduce children to simple matching, sorting and counting activities with this magnetic fishing game. Use the spinner to play colour and number games, or simply catch and count fish with the magnetic hook. Check availability. 
Gears! Gears! Gears! Robot Factory Building Set Ages 5-8
Mix, match, and create colourful, bouncing bots by connecting interlocking gears and springs. Follow designs in the activity guide or engineer your own robot. Check availability.
Squigz Ages 3-7
Imagine, design, and build flexible structures with Squigz. Push pieces together and pop them apart until your creation appears as you want it to. Check availability.
Chunky Puzzle: Farm Animals Ages 2-4
Introduce your little ones to puzzles: create a scenic farm picture by placing each animal piece in the correct slot. Check availability.
Add and Subtract Abacus Ages 3-6
Explore numbers, colours and patterns with this classic toy: using the double-sided board, invite children to solve addition and subtraction equations or identify and create colour patterns. Check availability.
Pyramid of Play Ages 18 months-4 years
Match letters, numbers, pictures, shapes and colours to build a wooden pyramid. Check availability.
Sphero BOLT Ages 8+
Learn to code with Sphero BOLT: use the Sphero Edu app to code Sphero’s movements, colours, and words. Check availability.
*Smart device required to code Sphero
Ozobot Bit Ages 5+
Experiment with colour and block coding with Ozobot! Practice visual storytelling; play math games; and create mazes, maps, and more - then, code Ozobot’s movement through whatever you design. Check availability.
*Markers and paper and/or smart device required to code
Bristle Block Stackadoos Ages 2-6
Ozobot Design and build structures, creatures, and more by connecting these chunky, rubber blocks in unique patterns! Pieces connect at any angle, so engage your imagination, concentration, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination all at once. Check availability.
Fossils Ages 8-12
Study and learn about various fossils - where they’re from, what they’re made of, and what they tell us about our history. Check availability.
Fidgitz Ages 8+
Twist and manipulate this 3D mechanical puzzle until each side is one colour. Check availability.
Circuit Maze Ages 8-14
Build light-up circuits using levelled challenge cards - or, design your own! Learn how electricity flows while practicing problem-solving and advanced cognitive skills. Check availability.
Gravity Maze Ages 8-12
Build a working marble maze using levelled challenge cards or design your own! Practice problem solving and advanced cognitive skills. Check availability.
Laser Maze Ages 8-14
Build a laser maze to light up targets using levelled challenge cards - or, design your own! Learn how light moves through and reflects off different objects while practicing problem-solving and advanced cognitive skills. Check availability.
Boost-R-Bots Ages 7-12
Build and operate complex, motorized robots. Use the design guides or engineer your own! Check availability.
Maestro Ages 8-14
Make music with Maestro: Create an electrical circuit with whatever conductive items you have at home, like play dough, coins and bananas. Then, following the instruction manual, connect Maestro’s blocks and cables to code various sounds. Check availability.
Fantasia Blocks Train Ages 18 months - 4 years
Arrange uniquely shaped blocks to create a rolling, wooden train. Improve hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, problem-solving, and motor skills. Check availability.
Snap Circuits Ages 8-14
Build noise-making, light-up, spinning circuits using levelled challenge guides - or, design your own! Learn how electricity flows while practicing problem-solving and advanced cognitive skills. Coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a hold on STEAM Kits?

Yes, you can place a hold on STEAM Kits. In addition, educators can contact us to book a virtual workshop for their classes, where students will have a chance to borrow and use the kits for themselves.

How do I pick up a STEAM kit?

STEAM Kits can be picked up at Central Branch. You must have an RHPL membership in good standing to check out a STEAM Kit.

How long can I borrow a STEAM Kit?

You can borrow the kit for up to one week. There is no option to renew STEAM kits at this time.

Will I receive fines on overdue STEAM Kits?

We encourage all members to return their items on time to allow other members to sign them out. While the Library no longer collects fines for overdue items, you will be charged for replacement costs associated with lost or damaged items.

How do I return a STEAM kit?

Kits must be returned inside Central Branch during library hours; kits can’t be placed in our drop boxes.