Returning your items

Do you have a physical item you've checked out from an RHPL location? It’s now time to return or renew your items so that other community members can enjoy them, too! 

Starting Sept. 15, customers will begin receiving email messages inviting them to renew or return items they’ve checked out before or during our COVID-19 closure. No fines will be issued for overdue items during this time; find out more below. 

Fine Forgiveness 

The Richmond Hill Public Library Board made the decision to forgive all fines for the 2020 year from March 13 and on. As a result, you won’t receive any new fines for items you have checked out from the Library during this time. We still require that you return items to the Library by their due date so that other customers can enjoy them. 

You’ll receive multiple notices reminding you to return or renew their items before they’re due. If you don’t return your item(s) by its final overdue notice, we’ll mark the item(s) as lost and you will be charged for the replacement cost for your material as well as a processing fee. You won't have to pay these fees if the item is returned in good condition.

How to Return Items

All RHPL drop boxes are now open and available 24/7. Drop boxes are located outside of all RHPL locations. For the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers, we will not be accepting in-branch returns at this time. 

Quarantining Items

For the safety of both our customers and our staff, all items returned to the Library will be immediately quarantined for 72 hours. As a result, your items may remain on your account after you’ve returned them and until library staff have processed your return. Don’t worry -- you’ve still returned your items on time, and there’ll be no impact to your library account. 

Have a question about your item? 

Please contact us through Ask Us or by calling 905-884-9288.