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Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Building the future of our Library

Our 2021-25 Strategic Plan speaks to the diverse needs of our community, and the role of the Library as both an inviting place close to home, but also as a digital space that’s accessible whenever you need it and that extends far beyond city limits.

Join us as we reimagine the role of Richmond Hill Public Library, while building on our century-old reputation of serving our community with passion and excellence.

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Customer Priorities

Inspiring In-Person Experiences

Provide creative, flexible, convenient, and inclusive community spaces and service excellence.

The Library is a unique, one-of-a-kind space. It’s a unicorn. Where everyone is welcome, and you can use our spaces for work, school, personal development, or leisure. RHPL’s distinct ability to serve our community is a key element of our value proposition, and we aim to do it in a way that inspires innovation, connections, and collaboration.

Accelerated Digital Experiences

Modern digital experiences to deliver products and services more widely, intuitively, effectively and efficiently.

To adapt to our ever-changing world, modern digital and user experiences are a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Conversations with our community have made it crystal clear that providing you with high quality digital products and services is paramount for generations both young and old.

Customer and Mission-Focused Content

Evolve curated offerings to always be relevant to our community through a future-ready approach.

A key to resilience is to understand our increasingly complex world. As more people make career changes, start a new venture, or even learn a new language, RHPL aims to be the hub of information about the changing world around us so that individuals, organizations, and communities can anticipate, adapt, and thrive.

Expanded and Deeper Engagement

Build customer relationships, awareness and appreciation of our services and value. 

You’ve talked. And we’ve listened. Feedback from our consultation process clearly demonstrates that RHPL needs to do a better job of letting you know about all that we offer. With that in mind, we’ll work to better demonstrate the value and breadth of services we provide to everyone in our community. By doing so, we will inspire curiosity, and attract and retain customers for life.

Innovation Priority

Insights & Innovation

Build and maintain our capacity to understand, explore and test to create new value.

Today’s most successful organizations are nimble and relentlessly focused on meeting the needs of their customers. For RHPL to deliver on its Vision and Mission, we must invest more time in learning about our customers’ needs and wants. In a world of constant change, we will endeavour to provide you with modern programs, training, and resources that get you where you want to be.

Enabling Priorities

Information and Technology Advancement

Modernize our technology infrastructure and processes.

An unstoppable team. Working with the City of Richmond Hill’s technology division has already added to the tech resources and capabilities of the Library. Together, the expertise of Library staff combined with the technical know-how of the City’s IT team will not only enhance our operations, it will exceed them.

Effective Governance

Develop effective governance and accountability.

We are championing frictionless access to the Library for everyone. RHPL recognizes its role in effective stewardship of resources and building an organization that can be utilized by everyone in Richmond Hill well into the future. This means ensuring the health and sustainability of the Library beyond the life of this Strategic Plan.

Expanded and Deeper Partnerships

Enhance our network of partners and the value we exchange.

In order to deliver on our Vision, RHPL is aiming to expand our partnerships both in the community and beyond. This will allow us to have a greater impact in the community, build on our equity as an influential stakeholder in our social system, as well as continually exchange knowledge with the broader global library sector.

High-Performance Organization

Create a high-performing work culture and optimized structure.

The strength of an organization always comes down to two things: people and culture. RHPL is proud to have employees that are motivated, knowledgeable, and willing to adapt to our changing world. By continuing to build a positive organizational culture, we are developing an increasingly effective organization and enhancing our value in Richmond Hill.