Current Events: Russia-Ukraine War

Understanding the Russia-Ukraine War 

We've curated a selection of articles, books and movies that can help you to navigate the Russia-Ukraine war from an informed place.

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Help Ukrainian Refugees

An estimated 25% of Ukrainian refugees settle in York Region. Want to know how you can help? Find resources for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine on York Region's People Affected by the Conflict in Ukraine page.

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Current News Articles

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Content For Families and Classrooms

If children in your life want to know more about what is going on, Explora helps to provide background information and up-to-date articles. Some examples of useful articles and encyclopedia entries include:

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You can also explore these eBooks for kids, available through Hoopla

Movies with the National Film Board

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Further Reading and Research

Gale OneFile has access to peer-reviewed articles and magazine articles from around the world. Access articles from academic journals about Russia and Ukraine on Gale OneFile here.

Use the Topic Finder feature in Gale OneFile by searching for a general topic, like “Ukraine." Topic Finder will suggest related topics and more specific search terms.

Britannica Looking for simple background knowledge of the countries involved? Britannica has encyclopedic information for kids, young adults, or adults. Choose the age level you would like, then use the search function to find information about each country, NATO, and more. Access Britannica here.

Canadian Business and Current Affairs provides you with access to hundreds of full-text, general-interest periodicals.