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The 3 Rs


Do you know what the 3 Rs mean?  They stand for: reduce, reuse and recycle.  What can you and your family do to practice the 3 Rs? And while you are contemplating this, you are doing a fourth R, called Rethink.

  • Reduce means to minimise the amount of waste we create.
  • Reuse refers to using items more than once.
  • Recycle means putting a product to a new use instead of throwing it away.
  • Rethink is about considering how our actions affect the environment.

Tips and Ideas on How to Reuse

Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles

Take your recyclables and turn them into art!  What can you make?

Instead of throwing away old clothes and toys, in good condition, consider donating them.

Tips and Ideas on How to Recycle

When an item is finished or emptied, ask yourself if it can be recycled.

Have children help sort the recyclables into the correct bins.

Tips and Ideas on How to Reduce

Use reusable containers whenever possible.

Bring your own reusable bags to the store.

Purchase products without a lot of extra packaging.

You can reuse items by being crafty!!  Gather up items to be recycled (ie. tissue boxes, paper towel rolls, boxes etc.) and let your imagination run wild.  You can create so many things!

If you need some inspiration, check out these links:

York Region has the Bindicator where you enter the item you no longer need or select a category and Bindicator will find the best options for where it should go.