All About Crayons

In Your Home


Kim from Central Library is celebrating World Crayon Day from home! Here's what you can do to join her.

At our house, we went on a texture hunt then created a picture by rubbing crayons over the different textures we found. See the result below! ?)

Crayon Day picture

There are more ways to celebrate!

- Crayola has lots of free printable colouring sheets

- Have some fun experimenting with crayon rubbings

- Want to try your hand at that melted crayon art you saw on Pinterest? Instructions are here but *warning* be careful where you point the blow dryer when melting the crayons – it can splatter everywhere! 

- The McMichael Art Gallery has a texture safari you can do from home.

For these next two links you will need your RHPL card for access!

- Watch the story “Harold’s Purple Crayon” through BookFlix

- Find ebooks on how crayons are made plus a few crayon storybooks in Hoopla