three yellow parrots sitting on a woman's hand

Amazing Birds!


We see birds all the time, but have you ever wanted to know more about them? Check out the videos and articles below to learn all kinds of fun facts about birds. Then try building a nest!

How Birds Fly

Science Learning Hub explores how birds are engineered to fly.

Smarter Every Day's video on how a bird's wings work.

How Birds Fly: An In-Depth Journey North Lesson.

Virtual Bird Tours and Watching

Cornell University offers a virtual global tour of birds.

Virtual birdwatching with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Aviary Cam (includes live broadcasts).

The National Audubon Society’s weekly "I Saw a Bird" show.

Informative presentations on all things avian with Audubon Riverlands' Facebook page.

Virtual bird watching in Columbia: Watch a documentary and list the birds you observe.

WILD GEORGIA: A virtual bird walk with Atlanta Audubon Society.

Fun Projects

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose shows you how to build a bird's nest.

Cooooool Bird Facts

Mental Floss magazine's 7 Awesome Things Birds Can Do.

Birds Are Cooler Than You shows you some amazing birds.

Watch this video of funny things birds do.

Five incredible bird facts for kids from Everything Birds

Check out this video of the Top 10 Most Stunning Birds in the World.

The American Bird Conservancy's Five Extraordinary Birds Of The Western Hemisphere.


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