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Blast from the Past - Pioneers


Dress the Part!

Can you dress like a pioneer? We found a video that explains some of the clothes and materials pioneers would have used. How many of these do you have in your closet?  Can you create a pioneer costume from what you have at home?

Powerless Challenge
Pioneers lived in Canada a long time ago. They didn’t have electricity to power their lights, their cooking appliances or their games. How long can you go without hitting a switch or pressing a power button? 

How did they manage to cook, clean and have fun without modern technology? More information on what life was like in the 1860’s is available on the Upper Canada Village website.  Learn more about communication, transportation, school and more. 

There are some great learning activities available from the local Black Creek Pioneer Village. Follow the link to learn more about cooking, clothing, and immigrating.

You can even explore parts of the village online.

Toys You Can Recreate
Did you know that pioneer children would make dolls from left over string or yarn scraps? If you happen to have some spare yarn in the house, give it a try by following the instructions available here

Another toy you can make at home is called a thaumatrope.  Brief instructions for this craft are available at this in this video. Looking for more ideas? Here are some cool examples.

Discover More Through Our E-books
Tumblebooks provides access to Ellie's New Home by Becky Citra about a girl named Ellie who moves from her home in England to Upper Canada as a pioneer. Read along to hear more about her adventure.  No library card required. Visit our Tumblebooks collection and do a TumbleSearch for Ellie's New Home.

With your library card, you can access Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder through the Overdrive app or Libby apps and hear about Laura’s adventures as a pioneer. 

Or start with Little House on the Prairie by the same author. 

Interested in learning more about our local pioneer village? For those with library cards, you can learn more by flipping through a book available through Hoopla called Black Creek Pioneer Village by Helma Mika, Nick Mika, Gary Thompson

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