Celebrate Poetry Month for Kids

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Let’s have some fun with limericks!

There once was an elephant named Dunk,
He was fast asleep in his bunk,
All night long, he snored,
“We can’t sleep”, his friends roared,
They tied a knot in his trunk!

A limerick is a silly poem with 5 lines, which follows a special rhyming pattern.
Lines 1, 2 and 5 must end in a rhyming word.
Lines 3 and 4 must end in a different rhyming word.

Ages 3 – 6

Limericks have lots of rhyming words. Choose a rhyming word from one of these limericks and play a rhyming game!  Take turns with a partner to call out all the rhyming words you can think of! The last person able to give a rhyming word gets to start the next round with a new rhyming word!

There once was a silly old bear,
Who stood on her head for a dare,
She gave a big twirl,
With her hair in a whirl,
Then she tumbled around in the air!

Read these silly limericks together and clap along to hear the syllables! 

There once was a green spot-ted frog,
Who lived by him-self in a bog,
He made friends with a fly,
Bum-ble-bee and but-ter-fly,
They had a big par-ty on his log!

Choose your favourite limerick and make a funny picture of the scene!

Ages 7+

There once was a grumpy goat,
Who thought he was able to float,
He jumped in the river,
Until cold, then did shiver,
Then warmed himself up in a coat!

Write your own limerick 

Write a funny, five-line poem that follows the traditional pattern for rhymes and syllables.
Lines 1, 2 and 5 should rhyme (RHYME A). They should have 8 or 9 syllables each.
Lines 4 and 5 should rhyme (RHYME B). They should have 5 or 6 syllables each.

There once was a ______________________ (Rhyme A – 8 or 9 syllables)

Who _________________________________ (Rhyme A – 8 or 9 syllables)

S/he _________________________________ (Rhyme B – 5 or 6 syllables)

Until _________________________________ (Rhyme B – 5 or 6 syllables)

Then  ________________________________ (Rhyme A – 8 or 9 syllables)

Draw a funny picture of the scene you described. How silly can you get?