Photograph of a blue sky with puffy clouds



Clouds, one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature, are worth spending time getting to know well through observation and study. This summer, get fascinated outside and at home by doing some of these cloud-inspired activities.

Learning about Clouds

All About Clouds Website for Kids – This site answers popular questions about clouds in a kid-friendly manner. Plus, more weather-related lesson plans and experiments for fog, pressure, and evaporation.

NASA Clouds for Kids Charts – Free, printable introduction to clouds chart and a cloud identification chart with pictures.

Cloud Videos

Predicting Weather Using the Clouds Video – Learn in under 6 minutes how the weather is predicted including the use of NASA satellites. The best section starts 2 minutes in.

Clouds in the Water Cycle Video – This water cycle video uses animation to explain evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and the role of clouds in the water cycle.

Clouds and Lightning Video – This neat time-lapse video explores how warm air rises and cools to form clouds. It depicts how clouds become anvil-shaped and invite students to wonder how ice plays a role in creating lightning.

The Three Main Clouds: Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus Video – This weather chasing video models the 3 main types of clouds with great video illustrations.

Simple Cloud Experiments

Cloud in a Jar Experiments for Kids – Conduct this experiment for kids with ice, hot water, and a jar. You can watch a cloud form through the glass quickly.

Holding a Cloud (Microwave Soap Experiment) – How to make clouds using a bar of Ivory soap and a microwave. Simply place the soap in the microwave for 1.5 mins – and poof – an instant cumulus cloud!

Cloud treats

Clouds Cotton Candy Flavored Jello Treat – Wrap up your investigations on clouds with a fun clouds jello treat.

Cloud Art Projects

Types of Clouds – Describe and make examples of the four types of clouds – cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and nimbus. Use crayons and cotton balls to make each one!

Find the Picture in the Clouds – Have fun activity for fast finishers or as a creative writing prompt starter. Students find pictures within cloud photographs by outlining the edges of the clouds.

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