Stay happy by keeping moving during these times!

Take a Covid-19 Workout Dance Class - it's inspired by Taylor Swift, and it's free!

Check out COVID-19: Dance Against The Virus by Bangkok’s overground train service staff in Thailand.

Join Vietnamese dancer Quang Afng and do the Wash Your Hands Dance. Or try NOT to dance while watching!

Here is another handwashing dance, by police in Kerala, India.

Try Easy to Follow Beginner Level Online Ballet Barre lessons, generously offered for free while physical distancing is in effect, by Maria Osende from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Maria was a professional ballerina for a decade with the Berlin Ballet and National Ballet of Spain.

Get moving with Darryl Tracy and Get Moving Dancers. Darryl is a master teacher, choreographer, performer and producer, who teaches and creates work across Canada.

Find various live-streamed dance classes with Dance Alone Together.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer select online dance lessons for free.

Want more? See themed days by our staff on our Daily Adventures page.