children outside

Family Fun Month


August is Family Fun month - so here are some great ideas of ways to play as a family.  

Today is also International Water Balloon Day!  So you know what that means!  Head outside, fill up those balloons and have fun!  Just remember to pick up all the pieces from the balloons to avoid any animals eating them.

Go for a hike during the day AND learn about the constellations at night at the Torrance Barrens Hiking Trail. Use the free Star Tracker app to guide you through the night sky.

Build a fort indoors or outdoors! Indoors a fort can be made using furniture, pillows, blankets and twinkle lights. Outside a fort could be built using sticks found on the ground.

Start a new hobby as a family. Try letterboxing or geocaching with Parks Canada.

Challenge your family to visit every park in their town or city!

Who says the Olympics are cancelled? Create your own Olympic games in your backyard or local park. Try badminton, baseball, volleyball or make up your own sport challenge!

Don't forget the physical distancing - but here are lots more family fun ideas: explore nature's playground together; create your own mini golf course; make an Aristocats pop-up card; find fun events close to home from Child's Life, a guide for families in York Region, Toronto, Durham, Peel and Halton.