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Learning About Nature


Explore nature from the safety of the indoors with some of the virtual tours we've linked to below: 

The Toronto Zoo

Explore the Toronto Zoo live at 11 a.m. here: They also have on-demand videos and educational resources for at-home learning. 

Smithsonian’s National Zoo (Several activities)

Find these tours at the link below: 

o   World Migratory Bird Day tour

o   Online Zoo Highlights Tour

o   Earth Optimism: Conservation Success Stories

o   Animal Webcam Activities

o   Explore Beyond Your Door Video Series

o   Follow That Bird (data tracking)

o   Animal Clinic Investigation

o   Rainforest Wonders

o   Bridging the Americas

o   Wildlife Career Videos

o   ZooCrew Family Guide

o   eMammal

o   Bird Migration Game

o   Bird Nest Identification

o   Recycling Recess

Virtual Ocean

Explore the coral reef, dolphin diving, and more: 

10 best Virtual Ocean Adventures

Virtual Tour of Canada

From this website, you can explore Canada's nature, wildlife, arts, culture, and more right from your computer screen:

45 of the best virtual tours

Find some great virtual tours here: