A collection of LEGO bricks on a grey LEGO mat

LEGO Activities


Looking for more things to do with your bin of Lego?

Using paint with LEGO to make fun, multicoloured stamps

Kim from Central Library has gathered a few fun ideas to keep everyone busy.

My daughter and I decided to use Lego for art time. We grabbed a few different pieces of Lego, some paint and made Lego prints. (See picture above) We also use flat Lego pieces to create a spring picture.

There is a lot of ideas and projects for Lego out there, here are just a few!

Want to build a Lego cupcake or Lego Dog? LegoLand California has videos to show you how! They also have printable colouring sheets, mazes, trivia and more.

Use Lego to learn more about engineering, math and art here

Scholastic has some fun and educational ideas for 8-10 years olds

We have plenty of Lego ebooks in our collection

Want some more Lego ideas and challenges? On Wednesday April 8th at 4 pm we will be posting our first virtual Lego program on our Facebook page. Be sure to check it out.

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And finally...

A Message for Canadian Children by LEGO Prime Minister Justin Trudeau