Music notes

Let's Band Together!


Today’s adventure is sure to be a high note: we’re going to explore music!

Learn how to create and play your own instruments so you can put on a show. March to a different beat? Try listening to music while creating a unique piece of art. You can also learn how music works (and create your own loops) by experimenting with Chrome Music Labs and Ableton's Learning Music website.

Do you know the bass-ic science behind music and sound? Take a look at the great videos and activities that we’ve drummed up—pick whatever strikes a chord with you! The library also has many great books on music to explore, so grab your library card to check these out.

Ready? Let’s rock!

Musical Crafts

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Musical Activities and Games

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Experiment With Music

Chrome Music Lab

Ableton: Learning Music

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Learn the Science of Music

PBS Learning Media: The Science of Music and Sound

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Bill Nye the Science Guy and the Science of Music

SciShow Kids: What Makes Music Sound So Good?

SciShow Kids: What is Sound?


Tumblebooks (Search "music")

Have your library card ready?

OverDrive has some great fiction books with a musical theme.

There are some great non-fiction books on Hoopla - just use the search term "music."