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Let’s Talk about Moose


Let’s start today’s moose-themed adventure by learning a little more about Canada’s favourite giant antlered mammal.  Below are some videos available on YouTube that will have you share some fun facts and important information about these wonderful mammals. 

Check out this video called *Moose* by All Things Animal TV for an introduction to the topic of moose.

Expand on what you have learned with some more fun facts with Moose! Moose Learning Facts for Kids by Kids Learning Videos.

Take it to the next step with this detailed and entertaining piece called Moose Mayhem from the National Geographic Kids’s Awesome Animal Series.

Moose in the Wild?

Have you ever spotted a moose in the wild?  If not, can you imagine what that would be like? Algonquin Park has made it possible to live that experience through their Live Trail Cam Compilation videos available on YouTube. Check out last year’s compilation of sightings

Let’s Get Creative . . .

Imagine you were a moose.  What would it be like to see a human for the first time? When would this happen? Where would you be and what would you be thinking? Write a story about the first time a moose spots a human from the point of view of the moose. Have fun with it! 

More Stories to Explore

If you are looking for more moose themed fun, we recommend the series by Nicholas Oldland. Accessible with your Richmond Hill Public Library Card, these fun and funny stories about life in the Canadian wilderness are available on Hoopla:

Big Bear Hug

Making the Moose Out of Life 

The Busy Beaver 

Up the Creek 

Walk on the Wild Side 

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