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Fascinated as a child I would often endlessly search the Rockies on family vacations while visiting supposed “confirmed” locations of Sasquatch sightings… I guess Sasquatch is uber good at hide and seek!

Learn More about Bigfoot

Watch this CTV piece on Sooke, B.C. where they have some unique sasquatches…

Learn about the film that made Bigfoot a star.

Check out Sasquatch sightings maps from Alberta, British Columbia, North America, or Sasquatch videos on Youtube.

Sasquatch sighting stories from CTV News: report on a Sasquatch encounter; report on eerie noises recorded in a community off northern Vancouver Island.

Is Sasquatch real? Jane Goodall, one of the most respected and renowned ethologists, discusses Bigfoot in this interview.

Sasquatch crafts

Make Bigfoot feet, Bigfoot Edible Droppings, or Bigfoot Paper Toy.

Check out other Bigfoot craft ideas.

Sasquatch Games and Songs

Try the Sneaky Sasquatch Video Game

Listen to Big Block Singsong song about Sasquatch's astronomical feet.

Stompin Tom Connors Sasquatch Song

Sasquatch by Jad and David Fair from the 26 Monster Songs For Children album

My Friend Bigfoot by Uncle Rock & Tracy Bonham

Groovie Ghoulies - Running with Bigfoot

Bigfoot music video by W&W 

Materials available at RHPL on Sasquatch

Non-Fictional Adult

Non-Fictional Children


Electronic resources

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