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Today, we are looking at how really tall buildings are constructed, why they stay standing, and how they are safely demolished.

Fun Facts about Skyscrapers

Check out these amazing skyscrapers from around the world.

Do skyscrapers sway in the wind? What animals build their own tall structures? Find out on the CBC Kids website.


Why doesn’t the bottom floor of a skyscraper get crushed? Why don’t really tall buildings fall over? Find out in this LEGO video.

Try It Yourself

Now that you know how skyscrapers are built, see if you can complete the Skyscraper Challenge. You will need to design a skyscraper, choosing the right building materials to get the job done. If you need a review, check out the Skyscraper Basics first.


Sometimes, tall buildings need to be taken down. Watch this video to see how demolition teams implode a building.

Buildings aren’t always demolished with explosives though. Watch how a team in Tokyo took down a skyscraper one storey at a time in this video from CNN.


You’ll need a valid RHPL library card to check out these books.

Books about skyscrapers on hoopla.


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