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From livestreams of animals to activities you can do at home, there are hundreds of free resources you can access from home. Our staff have worked to curate special days you can do from home, filled with crafts, books, activities and more.

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post-it notes

Post-it Sticky Notes Fun

Grab your sticky note pad and get ready for creative and fun sticky note games for kids.

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mutlicoloured arrows pointing same direction

The 3 Rs

Do you know what the 3 Rs mean? They stand for: reduce, reuse, recycle. What can you and your family do to practice the 3 Rs?

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fluffy white cloud in blue sky

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

When you think of a kite, maybe you think of a colourful diamond shaped kite floating through the sky. Did you know that kites come in all shapes and sizes? Some are amazing works of art!

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A collection of illustrated gears on a yellow background

Construction Fun!

Today we are going to get to work and investigate what can be done on a construction site using construction vehicles.

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A group of people standing around a bare tree with the full moon behind

Star Gazing

Let’s go star gazing!

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a tree branch


Sasquatch is very good at hide and seek. . .

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magnifying glass and book on top of map

ARR-gust is Pirate Month!

Avast ye land lubbers and check out these awesome pirate facts and crafts!

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magnifying glass and book on top of map

The Lost City of Atlantis

Legend has it that Atlantis was an amazing city full of treasure. They say it became lost underwater. Many people have tried to find it, but whether it actually exists somewhere beneath the waves is still a mystery.

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spooky mansion at night with full moon

Ghostly Tales

You don't have to wait for Halloween to explore otherworldly tales and spooky stories of ghostly apparitions.

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a tree branch

Let’s Talk about Moose

Learn more about Canada’s favourite giant antlered mammal.

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tree branch with green leaves

Take a Hike!

Whether you're on a nature trail or in your local park, if you take a moment to pause, be quiet, and look around, it's amazing what you can see and hear!

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computer code

Remote Viewing

Psychic warriors in the US military and the CIA

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A mason jar filled with a string of tiny lights

Hawaiian Luau

Summer is here and it's a great time to get festive around a pool or in the backyard. When looking for things to do that everyone can enjoy, tropical destinations such as Hawaii can spark much inspiration.

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children outside

Family Fun Month

August is Family Fun month - so here are some great ideas of ways to play as a family.

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Fairy Tale Fun

Ready for a day full of fairy tale fun? Try out these activity and craft ideas, inspired by some of our favourite fairy tales and children's stories.

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A yellow cup of coffee on a yellow saucer


Learn all about this popular drink in today's adventure.

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fire swirling into night sky

Let's Learn About Volcanoes

Today’s adventure takes you to the mouth of one of nature’s most fantastic and ferocious phenomenon. 

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Magical book

Harry Potter's Birthday

Celebrate with us with wizard games, lessons at Hogwarts,  magical books, and more!

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare is the master of the English language, and his writings are well studied by high school students. The good news is you don’t have to wait for high school to do Shakespeare with kids.

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silhouette of heart-shaped tree and person

You are Special!

It's time to celebrate who you are! Try some of these activities that are all about you.

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Mountain landscape


What are caves? How are they made? Who lives there? What are some of the most awesome caves?

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large tree on grassy hill


Have you ever seen a large, black bird and assumed it was a crow? It might have been a raven. They are amazing birds that can solve puzzles and mimic human voices.

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computer art

Video Games

Learn how to design video games, learn about them, play!

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fluffy clouds in blue sky


Today, we are looking at how really tall buildings are constructed, why they stay standing, and how they are demolished.

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two pink flowers on a table


Roses are flowers with a rich scent. There are about 100 types of rose plants.

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kids doing science experiments

Kitchen Science 

Did you know that your kitchen is a science lab?  Well, it is! I am going to introduce you to some family friendly science experiments that you can do together.

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Mountain landscape

Rocks and Minerals

Today is all about rocks. Not the music, but the other kind of rocks. Join us as we learn about rocks, conduct experiments, and even adopt them!

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green leaves


Sssssomething Ssssspecial is happening today! It is World Snake Day!!!

Did you know there are more than 3400 species of snakes in the world? They also smell with their tongues!

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multicoloured arrows all pointing one direction


Do you want to learn how to do animation? Check out these great courses and activities!

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cut flowers from garden


Lavender is an outstanding perennial flower and a great plant to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to your garden. 

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Balloons at a party

Ice Cream

You scream!  I scream!  We all scream for ice cream!

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Teddy bear

Teddy Bear Picnic

Use your creativity, imagination, and collection of stuffed animals to create your own Teddy Bear Picnic!

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Let's Get Physical Indoors

It may be hot outside, but it is still important to stay healthy and active! There are plenty of offerings online that you can comfortably do inside your air conditioned home or outside in the shade. Both dancing and yoga make good options.

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mountain coniferous trees and lake

Paddle Your Canoe

Canoes are older than Canada itself, and paddling a canoe is a favourite pastime of many Canadians in the warmer months. Let's take a look at their history and how they work.

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A blue sky with white clouds


Clouds, one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature, are worth spending time getting to know well through observation and study. This summer, get fascinated outside and at home by doing some of these cloud-inspired activities.

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Maple leaf


Let's go chasing waterfalls! Learn about them, read about them, and watch them in action.

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magic sparkle book

Take a Greek Mythology Adventure

The myths of the ancient Greek civilization are some of the most timeless in the world. They are filled with action, thrills, and adventure. These stories of the ancient Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes are a great way to have fun reading while learning about history.

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magnifying glass and book on top of map

Golden Adventure

Today we will be investigating gold and mining for adventures.

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Canada Day is almost here – and usually we would go and watch fireworks burst over our city. This year is a little different but we can still celebrate with Fireworks!

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A photograph of a First Order Stormtrooper

Wonderful World of Star Wars

Enjoy the magic and mythos of Star Wars from your living room!

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Create Your Own Family Bucket List

When you start a family bucket list, you embark on a series of wonderful adventures. What activities will make it on your family’s bucket list?

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close up of hands writing in notebook with fountain pen

Wonders of Writing

Writing gives us the ability to share stories with the world. There are plenty of activities out there to help kids learn these skills and even learn to love it!

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black and white pencils

Panda-monium Monday

Today is a day for panda-monium as we celebrate one of the cutest bundles of bear out there.  

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A magician's hat with a rabbit peeking out with a magic wand


On today’s adventure we are going to explore Magic as we get ready for the TD Summer Reading Club for Kids Virtual Launch Party on June 20!

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Film reel

Explore Your Inner Child

Take a trip down memory lane and check out the following links to revisit your childhood!

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child with painted hands

Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh was a fascinating artist who became famous after he died. Even if you don’t recognize the name at first, chances are you would recognize one of his famous paintings. He was most famous for The Starry Night, The Bedroom, Irises and Sunflowers. Here we take a look at some amazing facts about this incredible man.

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coding language on black screen

Coding Unplugged

Plug into these activities to learn all about coding without even turning on a device!

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woman photographing nature

Nature Photography Day

Nature photography is a specific area of art that is devoted to taking pictures of natural elements, including landscapes, flora, fauna, and even geological formations.

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magic sparkle book

The Wizard of Oz

Today’s adventure dig’s into another classic story. Many people know and love the movie version, but did you know there’s also a book called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum?

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Music notes

Let's Band Together!

Today’s adventure is sure to be a high note: we’re going to explore music!

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Stay happy by keeping moving during these times.

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multicoloured dog head mural

Math and Art

If you look closely, math and art are related. Artists and mathematicians use geometry in their work.

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pink starfish on purple background

World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day.  Even though we can’t take a dip in an ocean or lake, let’s learn how we can care for oceans and the plants and creatures that live in them.

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Balloons at a party

National Doughnut Day

Taking place every June 5th, National Doughnut Day is a time to celebrate our collective love for the best fried dough on the planet.

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It’s a Dino-riffic Day! And this is a Dino-tastic list of dino-mite things you can do to celebrate dinosaurs and learn more about them.

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Butterfly Bonanza

Have you spotted a small white butterfly, known as a Cabbage White, playing in the grass? Have you been lucky enough to spot the orange and black wings of a Monarch? Today’s adventure is all about butterflies.

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three yellow parrots on woman's hand

Amazing Birds!

We see birds all the time, but have you ever wanted to know more about them?

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A collection of miscellaneous LEGO bricks on a gray LEGO mat

Building Challenges

Let’s get building!  Your name doesn’t have to be Bob to build! You can build with almost anything: cushions and pillows, LEGO, blocks of all types, cardboard boxes!  Let your imagination run wild!

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Pasta and vegetables

Food Festival

Everyone loves food! Many people are exploring their creativity through food during this quarantine. Check out some amazing resources that can bring food fun to a whole new level.

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All About Crayons

Go on a texture scavenger hunt, melt old crayons into a craft, or learn about how crayons are made!

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space fun

3, 2, 1, Space Fun! 

Brooke invites you to explore the vast reaches of deep space from the comfort of your own home!

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AH at home

Black Holes in Action

Dive into Augmented Reality (AR) from the comfort of your own home.

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Parrots in a zoo

Staying-In Safari

Do you live in a zoo? See who you can find hiding in your toy chest or your kitchen cabinets.

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Paint with LEGO to make colourful stamps

LEGO Activities

Kim from Central Library has gathered a few fun ideas to keep everyone busy. 

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A picture of city lights at night

Concerts in Your Home

Music helps! Enjoy a concert in your home.

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A child holding a man's cupped hands holding a plant.

Get Gardening!

Spring is the perfect time to get gardening! We’ve created a gardening resource library to help you get started.

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A bright blue sky with puffy white clouds

Roller Coasters!

Roller Coasters! Amazing Attractions! Oh My! With the warmth of spring comes thoughts of theme park fun. If social isolation has you dreaming of escaping to Canada's Wonderland or even Walt Disney World, there are at-home resources to bring the thrills to you!

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A photograph of a mountains with a lake

A Camping We Will Go

We have got a solution for anyone who might be feeling cramped up. Join us for an imaginary camping trip!

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Fitness image

Let's Get Moving! 

Have some energy to burn off? Kids bouncing off the walls? Snacks and baked goods within easy reach Let’s get moving together! While the parks are closed, we can still be active at home.

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Photograph of a magnifying glass, an open book and a map

Bat Appreciation Day!

April 17th is Bat Appreciation Day! We thought we would bat around some ideas and pulled together some library and other online resources to help you celebrate the day and learn more about the importance of bats in our ecosystems.

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bubbles on purple background


Bubbles! How are they made? Why are they round? Such simple ingredients—soap and water—create mesmerizing examples of both geometry and chemistry.

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Laptop partially closed reflecting purple light

Game Time

Want to play some free video games by yourself or with others? Check out this list of great options!

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. How are you celebrating? Perhaps go on a nature walk? Or create art from recycled materials? We have plenty of activities to keep you celebrating all day long.

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Magnifying glass with finger print

Tom Thompson Thursday!

Today’s adventure involves an exploration of the Canadian art icon's art, method, and mystery.

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Bubble is a purple liquid

Marble Mania

Marbles, marbles everywhere!

These cheap, simple, and even old-fashioned toys have had a resurgence recently. They can be a great way to encourage the imagination and think outside the box.

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open book sparkling like magic

National Tell a Story Day

April 27 is National Tell a Story Day! So gather around with those in your house or friends and family online and let’s tell stories!

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pencil crayons and paint brushes

Monet's Water Lilies

Claude Monet (1840-1926) completed over 250 paintings of the water lilies in his gardens in northwestern France. View the paintings and learn to paint like an impressionist!

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idea think make

Learn Something New

From music, arts, and cooking to academics - there is a wealth of online resources. Dive right in!

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Starfish and sea shells on the beach

Under the Sea

Let’s go on an adventure under the sea! Check out live aquarium webcams, create cool crafts, and investigate science experiments!

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A quill, ink well and open book

Blast from the Past - Pioneers!

Can you dress like a pioneer? How long can you go without hitting a switch or pressing a power button? Learn more about pioneer life!

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storm trooper from Star Wars franchise

May the Fourth Be With You

Calling all Jedi Warriors, Rebels, and Starship Pilots! We've lined up some great Star Wars activities for you.

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comic book drawing in notebook

National Cartoonist Day

Celebrate in cartoon-style by checking out some great websites and videos

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abstract image


Whenever there is light, there is a shadow with you! Why do you have a shadow? Why is your shadow a different size at different times of the day? What is a shadow?

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Different coloured paper spread out in a fan


Spring is here and the world has gotten a lot more colourful. Let’s explore colour with these crafts, experiments, videos and books.

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Yoga pose

Stay Active at Home!

Stuck at home? Check out this page and learn how you can get your heart pumping!

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golden lab puppy

Down on the Farm

There are many different types of farms.    Explore some of them, learn farm songs, and find farm-themed picture books here!

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woman's hands holding red heart with white cross symbol

Health and the Human Body

May 12th is International Nurses Day! Let's look into the world of health and the body as we say “thank you!” to all the nurses of the world.

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snowy owl

Let’s Explore Nature!

Create a nature bracelet or a nature box and try birding.

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Balloons at a party

Unbirthday Tea Party

Join us as we celebrate your birthday - even if it's not your birthday!

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An abstract painting

Museum Adventure!

Take virtual tours through some of the world's great museums.

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starfish and shells on a sunny beach

Whale of a Tale

Have you ever dreamed of spotting or even swimming with a whale? Explore these whale-themed resources and activities!

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magic sparkle book

Harry Potter Magic

It all began with the Boy Who Lived. Despite the series being over two decades old, it remains as popular today as it did in the past. Feel free to use this time in quarantine to dive even deeper into the wizarding world!

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Mountain landscape

May is National Bike Month!

Whether you're cycling through a mountain trail or burning calories at home on your exercise bike, celebrate National Bike Month with us!

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magic sparkle book

Artemis Fowl

Have you watched the teaser trailer of the new Disney movie “Artemis Fowl”?  Are you wondering what it is all about?

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mountain landscape

Learning About Nature 

Explore nature from the safety of the indoors with some of the virtual tours we've linked to

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fluffy white clouds in blue sky

Paper Airplane Day

Pick your favourite and create flying challenges for it.

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reading child buddies

Adventure with Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a classic Canadian story by Lucy Maud Montgomery about a young orphan growing up on the historic east coast of Canada.

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child writing

Penpals Project

Have you ever thought about being a penpal? Pen pals are long-distance friendships you maintain by writing letters to each other.

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abstract wolf

Indigenous Teachings

June is National Indigenous History Month. Explore the rich culture and history of the Indigenous Peoples through a variety of activities and reading lists, for both children and adults.

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