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Virtual Challenges

Virtual Fun with RHPL

Keep busy from home through virtual challenges created by RHPL staff! These challenges are free to use and re-share, with credit to Richmond Hill Public Library. 

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Digital Escape Rooms

Do you and your family and friends have what it takes to get out of a sticky situation? Play one of our themed digital escape rooms from the comfort of your own home, and put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Extreme X-Men Breakout: Digital Escape Room

It's official! You have joined Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and are on track to become part of the X-Men. Your first mission is to stop Magneto from releasing a mutant virus into the world. Can you escape from Magneto's headquarters with the virus before you get caught?

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The Canada Day Caper: Digital Escape Room

You and your family manage to win an amazing Canada Day holiday at an exclusive mansion. While exploring the house, it turns out that you might be there for more than vacation fun. You'll need some Canadian-specific knowledge to be victorious!

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Percy Jackson: Demigod Quest - Digital Escape Room

Camp Half Blood is great at training demigods to be future heroes. Yet, it seems that you and your friends will now face the ultimate real-life test to prove your skills. Are you able to escape from an an​cient temple in time to warn the ancient Greek gods and goddesses of an attack by the Titans?

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Jurassic World Dino Disaster Digital Escape Room

All ages but aimed at ages 9+

You score a once-in-a-lifetime VIP trip to the new Jurassic World theme park! Everything is amazing for you and your friends who get to enjoy the park without any crowds. A large tropical storm is barreling toward the island, but that's nothing to worry about. Right?

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Middle Earth Mission: Lord of the Rings Digital Escape Room
All ages but aimed at ages 9+
Darkness is rising once again in Middle Earth. You will need to join a fellowship of other creatures to keep another war from happening. Unfortunately, your mission is in peril when your fellowship becomes trapped in Carn Dûm, the evil tower of the Witch King of Angmar. Are you able to figure out a way to escape and stop the forces of darkness?

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Pokemon Panic Digital Escape Room
All ages but aimed at ages 7+
Every villain from Team Rocket to Team Plasma wants your team out of the way so that they can achieve world domination. Will you be able to save their trapped Pokemon and escape villain headquarters in time to stop them?

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Magical Disney Lock-in
All ages but aimed at young children and their families
All the Disney villains are trying to ruin the greatest Happily Ever After Celebration with an evil plot. Your team finds out about the attack but is magically locked in the castle's old storage closet. Is it possible to gather enough magical items to break the curse and warn the heroes in time?

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Marvel Avengers: Escape from Hydrabase 
All ages but aimed at ages 9+
You and your team have been recruited for the Avengers Initiative. Your first mission is to get information from a top secret Hydra base, but you get trapped inside! Can you use your super powers to escape?

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Star Wars: Escape from Star Killer Base
All ages but aimed at ages 9+
Your Rebel Alliance team desperately needs information about the First Order's starship manufacturing centre. Do you think you can get the details and sneak out undetected before Kylo Ren knows you're there?

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Trivia Challenges

Calling all know-it-all champions! Tackle our wide variety of trivia games with each one based on a popular book or movie franchise. Play anytime, anywhere! All you need to do is click on the game links or you can use the Kahoot app to play on your mobile devices with each game's specific PIN number.

Cash Cab Trivia
Do you have what it takes to earn big bucks in the Cash Cab? Tackle this general knowledge trivia if you think you can make it to your destination without getting kicked out!
PIN: 053043

Name That Pokemon Trivia
Calling all Pokemon Trainers! Show your love of Pokemon by being able to name specific creatures based on their images.
PIN: 05075161

Modern Doctor Who Trivia
The blue box is waiting for you! Prove your passion for The Doctor by answering these trivia questions about the modern series (starting in 2005).
PIN: 05248461

How to Train Your Dragon Trivia
Could you be a Dragon Rider? You'll need to know all about the three How to Train Your Dragon films to show Hiccup and Astrid that you can fly with them.
PIN: 08418462

Classic Video Game Trivia
Do arcade games and old school gaming systems get your heart racing? From Q*bert to Sonic the Hedgehog, use your in-depth knowledge to tackle this trivia challenge.
PIN: 04511366

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Trivia
Do you remember random facts from primary school? See if you are actually smarter than a fifth grader!
PIN: 02531755

The Hunger Games Trivia
Use your trivia knowledge to defeat The Capitol! Those who have read the books will have an advantage.
PIN: 05817400

DC Comics Trivia
Batman! Wonder Woman! The Flash! Can you answer these trivia questions about your favourite DC Comics heroes before the timer runs out?
PIN: 08273704

Disney and Pixar Trivia
(40 questions)
How much do you remember about classic and new animated movies from Disney and Pixar? Take on the questions as quick as you can.
PIN: 02489267

Harry Potter Trivia
(40 questions)
He Who Must Not Be Named wants you to fail, but we know you can conquer this Harry Potter trivia challenge. Having read the books is important to be victorious!
PIN: 01891962​​

Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia
(40 questions)
How well do you know the movies that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? You will be challenged on everything from The Incredible Hulk to Spider-man: Far From Home.
PIN: 02539513

Star Wars Trivia
(30 questions)
The Dark Side of the Force does not think you can defeat this trivia challenge, but we know that you can! There are questions for the original trilogy, prequels, current trilogy, and even extended universe movies.
PIN: 0883555

Stranger Things Trivia
(30 questions)
Don't get lost in the Upside Down. The questions cover Season 1 through Season 3. If successful at this trivia challenge, we know that a demogorgon would never get the better of you!
PIN: 09340136