VOX™ Books for Kids

NEW! VOX™ Books are the world’s first all-in-one read-along. Young readers can listen to lively narrators read through the story while they flip the pages on their own. No CDs, tapes, batteries, devices, or internet access required; just press a button and hear the stories for yourself! VOX Books can be used with or without headphones, making them perfect for both solo and group enjoyment.

Find all-in-one books with audio for kids in our catalogue, available at all our branches. 

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CBC Corner

NEW! CBC Corner is a one-of-a-kind digital portal that allows you to access a wide variety of content including trusted news, local stories, entertaining TV and radio shows, award-winning podcast, educational kids content, a free English and French language learning app, news in foreign languages, and much more!

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Access audiobooks and eBooks online with your library card. Sign them out and download them to your device.

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Freegal Music

Stream 24/7. Download 5 MP3s per week from a selection of almost 11 million tracks from Sony Music Canada, IODA and The Orchard. Thousands of music videos are available for download (each video uses 2 of your 5 weekly downloads).

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Borrow and listen to music or audiobooks any time. Titles can be streamed or downloaded.

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