Multilingual, Digital, and Large Print Collections

The library offers special, curated collections to better reach and serve members of our community.  These special collections are language-based, unique, and often hand-picked by our staff based on customer feedback and need. 

Multilingual Collections

Multilingual collections provide reading and learning opportunities in people’s preferred languages.  These collections are an important part of the library's mission to offer equitable service to our members and help us to connect with the communities we serve. See the list below for some of the languages of multilingual books available. 

Chinese | Russian | Persian | Gujarati | Korean | Spanish | Hebrew | Urdu 

Large Print Collection

Find a wide selection of large print editions of popular and new titles in our catalogue online. Large print books are printed with a larger font size to make it easier to read for any visual impairment. The content of regular books and large print editions are the same; large print books simply have more pages because of the larger text size. 

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Books for Readers with Dyslexia

Learning to read with dyslexia can prove challenging to develop strong literacy skills. This collection highlights books for readers with dyslexia to make it fun and easier to read. 

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The library also offers resources and tools to support individuals with dyslexia. See Also: CELA under Accessibility Services (The Centre for Equitable Library Access resources).